Did ya need a hat?

The Amanda Hat for dear daughter. Yes she look like a b---- but, oh yeah, she is my daughter. So yeah she can be.
Needed something warm for me. Of course I wanted something for 12th night. This is absolutely cute.

Dearest husband asked for an ear warmer of sorts. Ok I can do that. Had it done by the time he had to go out to shovel last Thursday. It did not stay put, so he decided a hat instead. The picture doesn't show the detail, but I did a twisted rib for 1 1/2 in, then stockinette for another 2, then repeated the twisted rib to match. Then I continued in stockinette in order to double the ear warmer part. Flipped in half and stitched down. When I added the top, I picked up from the cast on and knit until big enough. Turned out really neat. Good guy hat.


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