Superbowl Sunday

Yeah, I'll be awatchin'. The Packers are in and that makes it a shoe in for me to sit and root on my time. My dad would be rolling in his grave since a Packers fan he was not. As a kid I never understood the game, therefore, I asked too many questions before I got the "go to your room" speech. Its okay. I was never really offended. I still don't understand most of the calls, but at least I can follow the game.

Of course game day is also known as, dinner in the crock pot and Kim crafting all day too. They sort of go together. Dinner is a throw together of chicken broth, great northern beans, potatoes, celery, carrots, onions, and a yellow pepper because it had to be used. Later I add in the ham otherwise the ham just get too dark looking and I don't want to eat it. Of course this brain storm might be a tried it, but never again, or delicious. Keep you posted on that note.

On the crafting side, I have a pair of mittens that I'm sorting out. No real pattern, but I have enough memory about mittens to know where to go, however, the first one is a little big. I am deciding if I need to start over with fewer stitches or just call it roomy. I'm thinking the later. They fit great around my wrist and are a little big through the hand. Kinda sad really.

Lastly, I noticed that my Black Belt (huge fish) is moving the rocks around the tank again. The snot. Maybe I move them all back where they are suppose to be, so I can really piss him off. Truly silly I know, but then he could leave the rocks where they go too instead of building mountains in the tank.


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