I wasn't planning for a garden this year, but hubby surprised me with tilling up a large section of the yard for my garden. Then, he bought me my seeds. Coolness and goodness in every way. Again, he shows to be husband of year with supporting all my half-hazard plans. It took a few weeks to plant because of the rain and everything. Finally, one lovely Sunday, I planted.

Then, we waited, and waited. Now we have some plants coming in. Since it was a late start with the rain and the fact that I started the seeds outside, it's not the blooming garden as of yet. I think I may need to replant a few things, but we'll see.

I can keep all to dogs out of the garden except Pepper, who can jump the fencing or just walk through some parts since he is fairly skinny. As long as he eats the grass, its fine. Hopefully pictures to come later.


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