Noah's Ark Baby Quilt

I finally have this one finished. A quilt club friend had about a yard of the Noah's Ark  and coordinating fabrics that she wanted to get out of her stash. I thought, why not. I am as new to quilting as I can be, so I took it. I bought a solid red and blue to match up with the two other fabrics and started to plug away. 9-patches is such an easy block and it fit perfect with the fussy cut blocks showing Noah's Ark.  
 It turned out pretty decent. This is the fifth quilt I have made now. The binding turned out exceptionally well. I have straight corners!! I wanted to quilting to be easy and nearly invisible, so it didn't take away from the design. I stitched in the ditch around the 9-patches. I went around the centers of the Ark squares just enough to make the characters and the boat stands out.
All and all, it turned to be a nice size baby quilt.
Now, to find an owner..... hummmmmm?


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