Highwayman Bound

So the hubster asked me a while back to make him a quilt for his truck. I was intending to make him a StL. Sport themed quit.. Unfortunately, finding shirts was not in the cards. Plan B- awhile back I bought Bonnie Hunter's Shirtails and Scraps. The honey loved Virginia Bound, so plan B is my version.

13 shirts of lights and darks ranging from white. Light blue, charcoal, reds and blacks. A smattering of plaids and stripes. So far it is going well. I have one block completed and another four to be trimmed and depapered. One thing I learn is to trust even when it seems weird. She tells you to do the first light piece from the back of  the paper. I couldn't see why it would make such a difference. I ignored the directions  on the first two units. The other two, I followed the directions. Here's the difference, the points one the ones I follow the directions to the letter gave me beautiful, sharp points as compared to the other two that are not. duh!
Follow the directions. Give the maker the respect of doing it their way.


Ellen said…
Oh wow, from what I can see so far, this is going to be a gorgeous quilt!

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