Not Much for new

Hi everyone,
I am making this short because I am trying to play catch up. First Mystery Stole - still on the 2nd week. I really love it truly I do. Second I have been rereading all the Harry P books to get ready for the last. Of course my husband has a way of trying to spoil it for me. I have my own thoughts but I keep them to myself. Anyway I am on page 60ish, so this has to be quick. I did go to the movie, but I felt they could have done a better job. Oh well if we could have our say, we would be sitting in the theater til' hell freezes over.


Lucinda said…
I still haven't seen the newest movie. I plan to take my eldest when he gets back from camp next weekend.

We ran into Mrs. Oliver in Borders when we were there earlier on Friday evening. She & her friends/family members had ended up with an insanely high line ticket number for having pre-ordered months ago.
Shoes said…
Ha. i saw your header about being a newbie... you so aren't:)
kim4life said…
I am fairly new. I have only been knitting about two years.
kathy said…
Thanks for your well wishes. I'm hoping to still make it Wednesday (I miss you guys too much!) Now I just need someone to pick up the fourth HP book from the library for me (yeah, I was a late starter!)

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