Way Too Many Ziggs and Zangs

Well, I made it back in one piece. Let me tell ya, Arkansas is the state of lots of curves and more curves. I had every intention of knitting and knitting on the 6 hour drive. Plan B - trying not to puke at every turn. I always bring some form of motion sickness medicine just in case. Its been a long time since I have gotten sick on a road trip. This one to say the least was awful. By the time we hit Springfield I thought I would just die. We stopped and ate. Lawn Guy is such a great person it's not a wonder why I love him. Next stop, Fairfeild Bay Arkansas. I figured after I ate and rested outside of a moving vehicle, this would be better. No knitting but at least I could could keep hubby company. I was okay through Branson, until Highway 65 decided that anything that looked straight was just too much. Oh my God!!! We had to stop again for more non-puking meds and I was still a mess. Not only were the roads a hazard, but then you add the idiots who think they know where they are going - okay so their Arkansas license plate said they might have a clue - decided that we were very much in the way as they sped past us.
Well we made it there. What a beautiful area. Nothing but hills and hill, and lots of trees and golf. I don't play, but I think its just beautiful anyway. The condo we stayed in is bigger than our house. My daughter stayed on the couch instead of in a bed. 18 and still a chicken. She actually played tennis. You have to understand Annie does not do sports what so ever. When she was a little one she played softball. I think she was about 7 or 8. Annie has a little thing called A TEMPER. She missed catching a ball that was hit to her and she hurled the ball at the opposing team's bench. Of course the adults thought she didn't throw the ball were she was aiming, but dear ol' mom knew very well she threw it on purpose. But I digress. We're standing in the shop getting ready to pay for the rental of rackets and balls, while Annie states that she needs a pair of shorts.
"Oh of course you do, do you have your money with you?"
Oh, of course not!!
Now Lawn guy thinks she cute and all and buys the shorts for her anyway. The girl has money. She plans to keep It and spend ours. Out to the courts we go, and a half an hour later, she done. 30 something dollars for 30 minutes. Great. The rest of the week way uneventful and restful. I have to say I enjoyed my stay, but I did not get much knitting accomplished. I did cast on for the afghan for the wedding at the end of the month. I want to get a little further before I take a picture. Now that I am home knitting can commence to the normal summer knitting schedule. Stay tuned I got new plans - not that I finished the old plans.


Lucinda said…
That's a lot like how I am with roads! You have my sympathy. Fortunately for my summer knitting, we'll be on interstate for a big chunk of our driving, & the Kansas back roads are a LOT straighter than the Ozark Mountain ones.

Sounds like you had an enjoyable vacation once you got there, at least!
kim4life said…
I hope your trip is way better.

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