Mysteries and Surprises

First there was yarn and beads....

....then, along came the mystery stole. I did not plan on knitting this, but I read the Harlot's blog, aka my yarn heroine, and got sucked in. Then, I planned on no beads. I know call me a chicken. I started the stole, once, then again. When I was working on the stole for the second time still contemplating to bead or not. I decided if I screwed up again, well I would do it with the beads. I have to tell you, it has been worth the do-overs. I like the pattern, of course I am still working on the first clue and have only knitted to the 82nd row, but it is lovely. There are nearly 6700 people making the stole. So very cool. Also,there will be an article in USA today sometime soon because of us probably crashing Yahoo's server.

I have been plenty busy. I have two surprises that I am knitting. The first is a wedding gift. An Afghan for the newlyweds-to-be getting married on the 28th, which is also my B-day. I have about half done now, so I need to getting going on it.

Second up is another afghan for a Momma and baby to be. It finds its home tonight. Pst- don't tell. It was simple to knit. I hope she likes it.

While I was on the road trip from hell - see last entry, I worked on two pairs of monkey socks. I finished one sock, then started on the other yarn with the same pattern. I am thinking that I might be able to work on getting socks that fit the same if I work on something different and then come back to the second sock. I know I don't want to fall into second sock syndrome.

I also started the Lace Tee in Lingerie Style. I really like the book. There are several things I want to make.

Speaking of on the verge of falling down the rabbit hole. I am thinking about making stitch markers. When I was at the bead shop, I oooed and ahhed over the beads. Best to sit at home and knit, and knit some more. Lawn guy will just have a fit. Well there's another reason to continue to Google, admire, and research this new possible obsession - oops, I mean hobby!

Puppy Patrol brought to you by Charlie and Oreo!


Lucinda said…
I can't imagine adding Mystery Stole on top of all the other stuff I'm working on this summer, but I'm sure enjoying watching everyone else work on it. I love seeing how it comes out in so many different yarns.

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