Room Swap Continued

The rooms have finally been moved and rearranged completely. DD's room is full of posters and other stuff. I wonder why she felt the need to paint it because you can't hardly see the walls. She likes it even though I think it is cramped.

Continuing on, here's the new office space. Its nice and comfy. The dogs don't really like it, but the bird is loving the company and the fact that the cat doesn't seem to bother her here. Of course, I don't think she is easy to reach from her spot in the room. See the stack of files there. Yeah that's what I get to read through this weekend and get familiar with a new reading program for this year. The files are for my kiddos that I don't see until September for another job. I still haven't seen the ones for this year for my day kids. Only, five days before school starts and haven't read a thing for those guys. Some exceptionally long days and nights are in my future.


Shannon said…
Oh, that's a lot of work! Congrats on the new office :)

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