Moving Days????

Its been a long few days. One's moving out. DS is finally moved in with his dad. Hopefully they won't kill each other and hopefully dad can influence DS on the means of growing up. Second, moving rooms. DD decided to take her brother's old room. This is good, but the room needed some repairs and repainting. DD picked out I swear floresant green and I nearly died gasping and trying to sway the poor child in something that would not burn out her retinas! Case in point its still green, as a matter of fact Kermit Green. Lawn Guy and I were painting walls and repairing some plaster on the ceiling and even the poor dogs looked green by the end of the ordeal. She's moved in well sort of. Every thing is in her room, but not organized. Lastly the move of the office. Two desks, 2 chairs, 2 computers and other odds and ends. Not the mention moving cable wires for internet and satelette. The office is moved and there will be more redecorating to do in there in the future. Hopefully pics to come of the rooms over the next few days.

On the knitting note. I finished the socks and I am on the last ball of yarn for the stole. Sady I go back to work in one day. Happy, but who doesn't want to sit around doing whatever they want for 9 weeks.

Happy Knitting!


CraftyGryphon said…
It always amazes me how much work is involved in moving - even when you don't have to leave the house! I traded my husband's large computer room for my small sewing room (since I have more stash than he has computers, I need the bigger space!) two years ago, and he's *still* not settled in.

I think he just wants the bigger room back...
Annie said…
Hey, what's the matter with green?! **wink, wink** You know me, I love them all, even the loud ones.
bockstark.knits said…
Love the socks, they are so pretty!

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