Halfway to Finished

Last weekend I spent the majority of Saturday cleaning up, laundry for 2 walk in closets, and painting the bedroom. I love the color. DH says it's orange and he learn to like it. Personally, I love the earthy feel of the room. Eventually, the will be a large bookcase and a doll case on the other wall, and doors for the closets. For now it's just nice to be back my own bed and not on the floor!

I did a little bit of spinning in the last couple of weeks too. The first one is a sample of Teeswater that I received with the white Teeswater fleece. I love the natural colors that it spun up to. Eventually, this will become coasters for the den. The other is a sample of Corriedale that I will be using for a sweater that I am spinning. I think it turned out really nice. It's pretty soft, but still firm enough to make a nice wearing sweater.

The weather is nice and cool this weekend. I think fall is in the air!


CraftyGryphon said…
Your bedroom looks so fresh and clean and neat... someday, I may have a neat room like that again. Somewhere.

I'll probably be staying in a hotel when it happens. It's sure not gonna in my house!!

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