Monday, January 28, 2008

Kauni KAL

Friday night I went to Knitorious for the Kauni KAL. I have the dreaded cardi that I keep working through. Thanks to Annie,I was able to figure out how to make the front look right. I think it will be just fine. I love the rainbow color and how the colors go together. On to the sleeve and then the front. Almost done. Also I started on a 2nd one, but I will use a different pattern. I show you pics when I get a little further.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hemlock Finito!

It's finished and I love it. It's about 4 1/2 feet wide which will be just fine to curl up with on my lap. This was really fast to knit up. It took about 3 weeks. For the most part it is the only knitting that I have working on. The only truly frustrating part was the bind off. That work nearly the whole day. As you can see Cozmo likes the idea of curling up with it too. Get off kitty! Mom's not sharing!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Remember Mexico????

Yeah me either. I wasn't there and I surely wasn't rent a hotel room. Yeah, someone tried to play identity theft with my credit card. Fortunately for me it was the check card to the bank and go figure there wasn't enough money! Happy dance for sure. I never thought being broke was a good thing, but maybe I'll think that one over. On the down side, I won't have a replacement card for a couple of weeks. This is not the end all of end all, but it does suck. I use my debit card for everything. Anyway, enough bitching about things that I can't change.

Here look at the pretty picture. No it wasn't for the Packers, although I was sad to see them loose. :(

That's right I am working on the Norwegian Mittens from EZ's Almanac. I just love her ideas. They make sense. I don't like the math, but I have learned to write things down when it comes to using her advice. I have made two sweaters from her patterns. Could I tell how much yarn? Not a chance. Can I tell yeah the gauge, sure 5to 1. I think they were her favorite numbers!

Stash diet is going okay. The mittens are partially from stash. I have 2 skeins of the pretty yellow, but I had to buy the green Cascade. Still I am using my stash. I couldn't sleep last night because Oreo decided that a snack of peanut shells hit the spot at 3 AM. Not a smart pooch, but he tried to keep it down. Just, the there is no way to make a plastic bag not rattle. So, while I couldn't sleep I decided to consider my stash and make some plans. This is truly sad, when you can think off the top of your head that you have enough for the following:
7 sweaters, 9 pairs of socks, 5 shawls or stoles of sorts, and 4 accessories to warm the wintry days. Did I need a stash diet?? Likely question. So, out with it, whacha got??

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Spinin' Day and Football

This football season, I have been watching, well listening to my favorite team, the Packers. I love Green Bay. They won - Wohoo!! So while football is on I curl up on the couch and choose a fiber activity. Saturday was no exception. I spent most of the day at my wheel. Have I mentioned the relaxing benefits of spinning lately? I wanted to try to learn how to Navajo ply. Some of the fibers that I haven't really started spinning yet have a lot of variegation in the colors. Actually, the rusty color that I started spinning is the reason why I really wanted to work on learning this plying technique. I love the barber pole effect that I get with 2-ply, but I wanted to try to maintain the color changes of the variegated colors as well. I searched the web to find a tutorial and came across the Yarn Wench. It is a great tutorial showing the set up and actual plying. In addition to the video, there are pictures with written instructions. It was an excellent resource. Here is the website:

Here are a couple of my pic's of my first attempts. My spinning is still very sloppy, so they can only get better. The brown shade was the first attempt and the blues are the second. Unfortunately, Navajo is 3-ply, so it eats up a lot of yarn and the bobbins are small. There is 50 yards of the blues and the bobbin was full when I started.

I worked on the Hemlock a little more. I have 2 knit rounds before I start the feather and fan section. It's hard to see how it really looks because I need to put it on a longer needle. I did use the Magic Loop method for the getting this started.

What did you do for the weekend??????

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hemlock, Oh Hemlock!

I am having a lovely time knitting this up. I love the color of the yarn and it's very soft. I really enjoy making some things that are just the color of the sheep that it came from. I have started this over a couple of times, but I made it passed the dreaded round 35. This time everything looks right. I have one more round to do before I begin the feather and fan section - fingers crossed!

Oh, my reading class has been reading Greek and Roman Myths to tie into a study on Greece for their History class. We have read Achene's Web and today we read Jason and the Golden Fleece. My kids takes thing VERY, VERY literal and also have a hard time with concepts that are unfamiliar to them. My colleague and I were trying to explain what a fleece is and how we get it. I made the comment that they shave the hair off the sheep. Of course they thought I said, "They have to shave the heads off." We spent the next 5 minutes discussing when they go to get their hair cut and nobody has to kill them!! Tomorrow I am bringing in some different fibers and a spindle, so they can give it a try! I let you know if we have any sanity after that!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Spinning Rust

I finally have been able to sit down and do a little spinning. I find it amazing how colors look so different in roving as compared to when it is spun up. I just did a very small amount. I think maybe I might try some gloves with or without fingers with this yarn. I have plenty even with some mistakes. Gotta go, I need to work on the stealth knitting project!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Just a Nice Day!

The whether in St. Louis has been truly remarkable. One of the things I enjoy most about St. Louis is the whether. It's forever changing from one day to the next. Today was the first day back with the kids. I really missed them!! Some were a little sleepy and some were just chatty.

Knitting has been fun. I started the Hemlock Ring Blanket. Its just fun to knit on. I am planning to do some more spinning. I need to make a pair of gloves and I have some really pretty stuff to spin up for it. So, dinner first, spinning next! Pics' to come! What's on your needles??

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Tried and Tried - I Quit! New Resolutions to Boot!

I am finally calling UNCLE on my Kauni Sweater. No, the pattern is easy to do. I love color work, but I have made too many half-ass mistakes to feel like it will do. I put it on today, and I just don't like the way it fits. The mistake in the steek is driving me bonkers - that's a pretty short drive! Also, I am not sure that the fit is anywhere near fixable. The back does not lay flat either, so I quit! Quit! I'll try again, but not for awhile. Life will go on. I should have tried to do something small with steeks to start. Oh well, I did learn a lot and have a better handle on the steeks, especially cutting.

I have been spinning again. Gosh am I rusty! I have enough of the Shetland to ply together, but I want to try Navajo plying (here we go again!!). I think I will use the yarn I just made for that because it is not very good anyway.

A new year brings new plans. I have a lot of yarn in my stash and lots of ideas for projects. Some of us feel that we have way too much yarn and decided that a yarn diet is the way to gain some control. I am really excited because I love the yarns I have, or I would not have purchased them. Well, there are somethings that fall under the category of I gotta have, but not sure why I jumped off that bridge! Anyway, to start the year, I have 3 things that I want to get done or start including a secret project for later. Actually, that is probably the first one to try and finish.

1. Secret project
2. Generic Socks
3. Hemlock Ring Blanket
4. Neck Warmer

Yarn Diet:

Dates: 1/1/08 to Stitches Midwest (August 2008)
Participants: Kim, Kara, Kathy, Mindy

Da Rules:
1. Needles/accessories/tools are ok.
2. You can purchase yarn to finish a project if you run out.
3. Roving/fiber does not count.
4. Gift yarn is okay (to give and receive).
5. You are allowed to purchase up to 3 knitting-related books.
6. Magazines don't count.
7. Trading yarn in the group is okay.
8. Kim's exceptions - can buy yarn for 2 baby gifts and a wedding gift.

The rewards and punishments:
For each week that you don't buy yarn, put aside money to spend at Stitches (i.e. $5).
If you buy yarn, you must take money out of your Stitches fund equal to the amount spent on yarn and donate that to a charity of your choice.
At the end of the diet, the money left in the fund can be spent at Stitches Midwest.

Sounds like a good plan to me. Oh, we also get to pay ourselves a few dollars for finished projects, too!

In addition to the fiber plans. I have few more plans that I want to try to work on this year. Here they are:

1. Work on my sewing techniques by making 2 outfits that fit well
2. Spin more fiber
3. Loose 25 pounds (I need to loose more, but this is a realistic goal)
4. Save more money (Not sure how?!)
5. Get Michael into something - anything!!!!!
6. Use my PDA to get more organized
7. Use less sick days n(i.e. just cause it's going to be crappy day, go to work 'cause there are no subs anyway!!)

I know the goals a hefty, but I think they are achievable! I'll keep you updated as the year goes along! What goals did you set this year?