Hemlock, Oh Hemlock!

I am having a lovely time knitting this up. I love the color of the yarn and it's very soft. I really enjoy making some things that are just the color of the sheep that it came from. I have started this over a couple of times, but I made it passed the dreaded round 35. This time everything looks right. I have one more round to do before I begin the feather and fan section - fingers crossed!

Oh, my reading class has been reading Greek and Roman Myths to tie into a study on Greece for their History class. We have read Achene's Web and today we read Jason and the Golden Fleece. My kids takes thing VERY, VERY literal and also have a hard time with concepts that are unfamiliar to them. My colleague and I were trying to explain what a fleece is and how we get it. I made the comment that they shave the hair off the sheep. Of course they thought I said, "They have to shave the heads off." We spent the next 5 minutes discussing when they go to get their hair cut and nobody has to kill them!! Tomorrow I am bringing in some different fibers and a spindle, so they can give it a try! I let you know if we have any sanity after that!!


CraftyGryphon said…
I suppose showing them Disney's "Hercules" and pointing out all the inconsistencies with the accepted forms of the myths is right out (although it would have a good soundtrack)...

Ah, mythology. My favorite part of Latin class...

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