Remember Mexico????

Yeah me either. I wasn't there and I surely wasn't rent a hotel room. Yeah, someone tried to play identity theft with my credit card. Fortunately for me it was the check card to the bank and go figure there wasn't enough money! Happy dance for sure. I never thought being broke was a good thing, but maybe I'll think that one over. On the down side, I won't have a replacement card for a couple of weeks. This is not the end all of end all, but it does suck. I use my debit card for everything. Anyway, enough bitching about things that I can't change.

Here look at the pretty picture. No it wasn't for the Packers, although I was sad to see them loose. :(

That's right I am working on the Norwegian Mittens from EZ's Almanac. I just love her ideas. They make sense. I don't like the math, but I have learned to write things down when it comes to using her advice. I have made two sweaters from her patterns. Could I tell how much yarn? Not a chance. Can I tell yeah the gauge, sure 5to 1. I think they were her favorite numbers!

Stash diet is going okay. The mittens are partially from stash. I have 2 skeins of the pretty yellow, but I had to buy the green Cascade. Still I am using my stash. I couldn't sleep last night because Oreo decided that a snack of peanut shells hit the spot at 3 AM. Not a smart pooch, but he tried to keep it down. Just, the there is no way to make a plastic bag not rattle. So, while I couldn't sleep I decided to consider my stash and make some plans. This is truly sad, when you can think off the top of your head that you have enough for the following:
7 sweaters, 9 pairs of socks, 5 shawls or stoles of sorts, and 4 accessories to warm the wintry days. Did I need a stash diet?? Likely question. So, out with it, whacha got??


Crafty and Crap said…
As the yarn commissioner i must enforce that you have broken the stash diet. As stated in rule 2 you can purchase yarn to finish a project if you run out. Not to start a new project. There is the stipulation that kim may buy yarn for baby gifts so unless that baby has might big hands you have a warrant out for your yarn arrest.

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