Spinin' Day and Football

This football season, I have been watching, well listening to my favorite team, the Packers. I love Green Bay. They won - Wohoo!! So while football is on I curl up on the couch and choose a fiber activity. Saturday was no exception. I spent most of the day at my wheel. Have I mentioned the relaxing benefits of spinning lately? I wanted to try to learn how to Navajo ply. Some of the fibers that I haven't really started spinning yet have a lot of variegation in the colors. Actually, the rusty color that I started spinning is the reason why I really wanted to work on learning this plying technique. I love the barber pole effect that I get with 2-ply, but I wanted to try to maintain the color changes of the variegated colors as well. I searched the web to find a tutorial and came across the Yarn Wench. It is a great tutorial showing the set up and actual plying. In addition to the video, there are pictures with written instructions. It was an excellent resource. Here is the website: http://www.yarnwench.com/php/Navajo3PlyTutorial.php

Here are a couple of my pic's of my first attempts. My spinning is still very sloppy, so they can only get better. The brown shade was the first attempt and the blues are the second. Unfortunately, Navajo is 3-ply, so it eats up a lot of yarn and the bobbins are small. There is 50 yards of the blues and the bobbin was full when I started.

I worked on the Hemlock a little more. I have 2 knit rounds before I start the feather and fan section. It's hard to see how it really looks because I need to put it on a longer needle. I did use the Magic Loop method for the getting this started.

What did you do for the weekend??????


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