Monday, September 22, 2008

A Little of This and a Little of That

I actually was able to play with my fiber for a part of my weekend. After last weekend of cleaning, the only thing I wanted to clean was my spinning wheel. So, Molly got a nice hub down and some new oil. A couple of weeks ago some friends and I got together for an evening of dinning and dyeing. Kathy let me spin up her fiber after the day. I just finished it up this weekend. It's just lovely. It's fun to just spin for the color once and a while and this turned out amazing! Hopefully she will have enough yarn to make a nice hat.

Next, I spent a little time getting started on my spin for a sweater kal. This is really going to be nice. I love the way natural colored fleece looks when it's done up. I have only spun about an ounce and I have way more to go.

Finally, I found a nice shawl pattern to use for my Violets. Everyone keeps telling how much this looks like Noro, and low and behold I found the Simple, yet Effective shawl. This will be a quick knit, and I think the colors are stunning. I started it on Sunday and I have a good start. How was your weekend? Do anything fiberly fun?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Halfway to Finished

Last weekend I spent the majority of Saturday cleaning up, laundry for 2 walk in closets, and painting the bedroom. I love the color. DH says it's orange and he learn to like it. Personally, I love the earthy feel of the room. Eventually, the will be a large bookcase and a doll case on the other wall, and doors for the closets. For now it's just nice to be back my own bed and not on the floor!

I did a little bit of spinning in the last couple of weeks too. The first one is a sample of Teeswater that I received with the white Teeswater fleece. I love the natural colors that it spun up to. Eventually, this will become coasters for the den. The other is a sample of Corriedale that I will be using for a sweater that I am spinning. I think it turned out really nice. It's pretty soft, but still firm enough to make a nice wearing sweater.

The weather is nice and cool this weekend. I think fall is in the air!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Visit to the Frog Pond

This weekend has been full of visiting the pond. About a week ago I had a dip with frogging my Morning Scarf. It's beautiful, but I was going to run out of yarn before it really had a chance to make it. I restarted it with fewer stitches and it's going pretty well. The second dip was my poor February Lady Sweater. I heard that the sizing runs on the bigger side and I was already making it with extra positive ease, so off it went! Lastly, I signed up for the Mystery Shawl a few weeks back. Then, I decided that I didn't think I would like the design. Well, clue 2 came out Friday and I can't believe people are already finished with the second clue. Pretty! Oooh, I think I'll give it a try. Cast on, three rows in and I can't fix a mistake. Maybe I'll put that on hold and think about it.

The only good news I have is the bedroom is at least done enough that we can sleep in there. The hubby and I have been sleeping on the floor off and on for a couple of weeks while someone else finishes up the bedroom. We picked out paint and painted the 2 closets and the bedroom Friday and Saturday. Saturday I spent hours and hours rewashing all of the clothes that were in the two closets, cleaning, mopping, and general rearranging. I thought I was going to die by the end of it. Needless to say I spent today resting up. Hopefully, the bookcase and doll case will go a little better. Pics to come.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fibers A Ready

This 2lb ball of corriedale and a couple of 4 oz to add some color will become my first handspun sweater. Time will tell what I decide to knit, but the plan for now is a colorwork yoke of Zimmerman style or the Tangled Yoke Sweater. More to come.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just in a Mood

I have been in a not so nice mood for more than a week and just can't seem to improve it. My job is always stressful at the beginning of the year, but this year I just can't seem to get organized. I feel like a hamster on the exercise wheel going around and around. I keep telling myself I'll catch up and not to take too much stuff home because then I don't want to do it. I go to work early enough. I am there before 7 and most days I don't leave until 3:15 and still work another hour or two almost every evening, plus the weekend. I know I should not be complaining. I realize that it doesn't sound too bad, but then there's the actual teaching of students with high needs, and oh my, the parents. They are involved and in teachers faces. I had a another conversation about passing time. I thought 3 minutes was the general rule. I know that's what I had in high school and I think most of us survived getting from place to place. It does stress kids out, but they figure it out. It's life and life has deadlines. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with the passing time and that's fine, but if given too much time, there's the concern of problems like fighting, bully, and maybe even setting a trash can on fire. Another thing coming up is standardized testing. My most unfavored part of my job. The schedule's a mess, kids are out if sinc, and for many testing is just plain hard. I dislike the days when I can't help a child and to watch while children struggle with not understanding or anxiety just makes me ill. Needless to say my funky mood will comtinue into next week.

On the knitting side, I finished the one row scarf and a calorimetry. On the bad side, I had to frog the Morning Surf Scarf. It was too wide and it would not have been long enough before I would run out of yarn.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sticks & Wheels Weekend

What a nice weekend St. Louis is having. I was suppose to be out of town in Bethel for the Sheep and Wool Festival, but obviously I didn't make it. Lawn Guy has a freind who is finishing our bedroom this weekend. We have finished every room in the house including gutting almost every wall, built two rooms downstairs, and completely re-did the bath in the last ten years. Our room, well, we have ran out of "want to." The drywall has been up and there are a few spots that need dry wall, mud and paint. Problem is, just don't wanna. It's a a lot of mudding and taping and I suck at that. Any hoo, the guy thought he would be finished by the weekend except paint, however, I threw a monkey wench into the works by saying I wanted one whole wall made into a built-in bookcase. I have A LOT of books! Needless to say I am paying for the additional work and materials. All in all it will be worth it when its finished. I already have plans for a nook in the hall off the laundry room for a walk-in fiber closet, but that's later.

Plan B, play with fiber all weekend. Ouch don't twist my arm! Have ya met me?!? I spun Saturday. Shannon bought me some Northern Lights pencil roving for my birthday. In the bag the colors looked bright and interesting. Shannon said its either going to be really cool or suck. It's really cool. I spun it up as singles with a low twist. This is the first time I have tried this, so will see what it does when I knit it up. The colors are so pretty; the way they mixed together. It reminds me of a watercolor painting. I think I have enough for a shawl, but I can get more if I need to to. I think I'll use the Old Shale pattern because I think the colors will look great in the simple pattern.

I am also working on a couple of scarves made out of my handspun. I really like the way they are turning out. The blue one is the Morning Surf pattern. I like the way it looks, but I am not a fan of straight needles, so its a little tedious. I think there's about 9 inches completed, so I have a long way to go. The other is the One Row pattern by the Yarn Harlot. Love this. Quick and easy! I actually have this finished now and still have a 1/2 a skein left, so a hat or a calorimetry for the rest. This the rest of the Dogriver colorway from my vest. I can't believe how far this going.

I still have the rest of today to play. Plans, calorimetry for the handspun and maybe start something else. We'll see.