Southern Illinois Sheep Festival

What a great day to attend a sheep festival! The weather was a bit windy, but sunny! I have been waiting to go the festival for over a month. The fairgrounds were nice and clean. I parked and travelled along the road to the tractor exhibit. I thought the exhibit might have some antiques, but not as far as I could tell.

Border collies are amazing sheep dogs. I watched this pint sized little doggie herd the sheep around a few fencing places, and then penned them in no time flat. Boy are they quick runners too! The guy just whistled or yelled commands like lie down and away, and dogs knew exactly what to do.

Don't mind his butt, but this was the best picute I could get of the sheep shearing.

I continued on in the exhibit hall where most of the action was taking place. Lots of exhibitors where there. There was sheep judging. I saw a Border Leicester, Shetland, and some goats. One of the sheep, I think Clun Forset, was a little jumpy, as in jumping into the pen with the Shetlands. The momma Shetland was none to thrilled about this since her babes were in there. The was sheep droppings bingo. Yes, just what you think, pick a number and hope the sheep poops! Rabbits and rabbits galore. The woman ever was demonstrating how to pluck a rabbits coat. Oh there was this adorable little baby Shetland lamb. He was only a couple of weeks old.

Tons and tons of fiber to be had from raw Merino to already dyed batts. I did buy a fleece that is already clean and ready to spin. The coloring is a Moorit, and should spin up to a nice tweedy oatmeal color. I think its Shetland, but I am not positive.

I was browsing the display of hand made soap when I ran into Rachel and Scott. So cool to see friends from St. Louis. After chatting about the different exhibits and how nice the set up was, I forgot to go back to the soap for a purchase, sigh.

I had some goat cheese that was just heavenly! Oh and of course, I came home with apple butter. I just love that stuff!

I wanted to have a lamb luncheon, but I picked up a friend on the way into the hall that sort of detoured my plans. He's terribly cute though, and I must be out of mind to have picked him up in the first place. This is Pepper. He's am Aussie sheepdog mixed with a miniature collie. Look at that face. Could you resist?


CraftyGryphon said…
That sounds like a really nice day!

And the pup is, indeed, irresistibly cute!
What a cutie pie! Did you really come home with him?

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