Quick Update

This is just a quick little post. I finished the body to the underarms of LG's sweater. I have the sleeves to do before I can join the body and sleeves together to finish it up. I have been just working through this considering the next step when I get there. I decide to do a raglan style. I think it will look best with the stripes. So now about those sleeves, I wanted to knit them at the same time hopefully using magic loop. Well, here's a newbie for me. I googled last night and found a blog post that did an excellent job showing what to do. I sat at the computer and got it started. Yeah, it worked and is so much easier than I thought. I finished the ribbing. Only 16 inches to go before I can join! Ugh!!


CraftyGryphon said…
It's looking good! Glad you found something that let you do both sleeves at once - it solves the horrid Second Sleeve Syndrome!!

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