Quarterly Check Up... a shy late....

I thought I would go through my list of things I planned just to hold myself accountable.

Stash busting
1. knit 3 sweaters for the year - 1 completed, February Lady. #2, started, Stripes for Lawn Guy is about halfway.
2. learn to knit a pair of socks toe up - I spun the yarn for these. They are nearly completed. I just have the ribbing to do on the 2nd sock.
3. do one project with cables
4. do one project with color work
5. one lace project
All of the items above must come from my stash. I have some great yarns in there.

1. spin more - I have definitely been spinning more. I only have 1 monthly fiber that I am behind in. Bought more though.
2. learn long draw - yes! It's fun and makes spinning go a lot faster when I can use it.
3. make a 3-ply sock weight yarn
4. learn how to do core spinning

1. be more active - sort of
2. read more - check! I have read 8 novels since Jan and finished three that had been lagging for a very long time.
3. keep up with paperwork for work - better, but I still hate it!
4. get out more and find fun things to do - yeah, I been trying. Tried 2 new restaurants, went to the Art Museum to see the Ming Dynasty exhibit, and took a trip for a spinning class, and went to a fiber fair. Not bad for a start.

Not too shabby. I have made 7ish of 13 goals. How's your goal area coming along?


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