Comings and Goings

Well I didn't fall off the end of the earth, but it feels like it. Just busy! But enough whining about the day job, on to what is new. My relationship with yarn has been a little off. Well off a whole lot! PI shawl, declared a natural disaster along with a pair of socks and a restart of a scarf. So since my knitting mojo left the building for what seems like most of summer, I thought I'd hunt it down. Last weekend I spent time just looking through magazines, books, my stash, and lots of gauge swatching. Yes, me a swatcher! I have spent a great deal of time ripping and frankly my ego just can't take it. It cried uncle after the scarf attack. Not so bad though. I seem to be in the spirit of knitting again. Hooray!
I finished a scarf a while back ago. It turned out lovely. A very fast knit.
Also, I knit Porom over the week. Just took it off the needles this morning. Another cute and fast knit.

This weekend has been productive considering that I caught a bug from the kids. I managed to spin a skein of the most luscious merino bamboo blend. I hoping for a spiral cowl out of it. I also started an Einstein coat and a Pioneer. These are both out of my hand spun. I am restarting Gust, and still working on Lawn Guy's sweater. Needless to say, I have plenty going on the needles.
Oh and check out Zombie. It is prepped and ready to spin. Gotta love fall.


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