Strange Folk

Saturday was a fantastic day for Strange Folk. Kara and I drove over to the east side early in the morning. There was lots to look at. We made friends with a few Llamas. So cute they are. There were vendors and people everywhere. Lots to see from knitted items to pendents made of recycled watches. Very cool. I bought one, but no picture because the little bugger won't play fair.

I bought an enormous cup that I just fell in love with.

Of course we visited our famous and fabulous indie dyer, Dyeabolical. I bought some slubby cotton yarn in a fantastic shade of purple that I have had my eye on for a while.

Kara and I had a brat a piece, kettle corn, and searched the grounds for the infamous, but not there, funnel cakes. Total suck! What's a fair without funnel cake? Anyhoo, we had enough and drove back just in time to be on Popular bridge when the sky decided to open up. Neither of us liked that idea in least. Fortunately we made it home safe and sound.


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