Back to the Grind

First week of students completed. Overall the school year is off to a good start. I like to be busy and the busier I am the happier I am. Hmm.... yeah I do love the break in the summer, but going back gives me a new purpose and changes my outlook on life. The days flew by. I swear every year just goes faster. My day starts earlier this year as well. I am trying to eat before I go to work, so I eat more than just a granola bar. To tell the truth, I just decided that a bar that I am trying to chow down just isn't the same as a bowl of oats. I love oatmeal, and feel like I am eating better if I sit down and eat. If I have everything ready the night before, I can sleep until 5:25 and be out of the house by 6:20. This is the very minimum amount of time I can actually get everything done to be at work by 6:45ish. Kids are in the classroom door at 7:05, so there is very little time to get things together. Believe me it's early. So far okay though. My goal is to make every effort to have my plans done a week ahead, if I don't then I really have no time at night. This would be bad because I need some down time or I get a little cranky.


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