Okay, time to work on my organizational skills. Fleece, yeah, I know it's my downfall. Truly I love taking a fleece and turning it into something wearable. Some of my Rav friends and I are having a fleece-a-thon. What it is, is scouring and preparing a fleece or said number of fleeces to be prepared for spinning. Fortunately my rabbit hole is mole size. I have 3. Some of my friend have upwards to about 14 fleeces. Holy shit! There is no way I want that many dirty fleeces anywhere near my house more or less near my stash. Dirty fleece equals fiber eating moths. Ahem, off the soap box. Anyway... I have 3 as I said, a pound of clean fleece that needed dyeing, teasing, and carding. I nearly finished. I only have drum carding to do which can wait. 4 pounds of semi clean white cormo. I bought this fleece a year ago. Scoured it, but it still had some tips that were nearly black compared to the bright white. Scoured some more on Sunday. Half of it is still not dry. Geesh! This one is going to be spun from the lock because Cormo is very fine like merino and tends to nap up on a carder, so I need to separate the locks and this one will be done. That leaves the 5 pounds of merino I bought in Illinois this spring. This baby is a monster. After I get it scoured, I can decide on what to do with it from there. Its a pretty fleece with colors ranging from light to dark chocolate brown. Hopefully next weekend I can start on that one. I just want to get them all clean for now. Here are some pictures of Moroot and Cormo. I'll be set for a while as long as I don't attend any more fiber shows. Yeah right.


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