Clearing the Crafts

I have been looking and looking at new things to start, but startitus has the best of me. What does one do with startius, well, finish what one has and then panic like the dickens because what's next can't be decided. Hmmm...

Cabin socks

Here's the socks that I took on vacation at my favorite river resort. Noro is fun to knit with. The socks are a lot softer now that there has been a christening of water and Eculan. I should have went through with my experiment. My hypothesis was if I knit one top down and the other toe-up would they match? I chickened out, so they are both toe-up, however, I believe it might have worked. Maybe next pair.

1st scarf

I bought a loom a few months ago when the bug bit me. Fabric bugs are the worst! This is my first scarf all myself. It's tiny, but it will have a home with DD best friend's little girl. Tiny fits a not even one year old.

Golden Autumn 2

I love cables a ton. This is a pretty little hat that my friend, Kara, tested knit.I fell in love with the pattern and just had to knit it. The pattern is Golden Autumn. Can you tell I'm a little tired? Yeah beginning of the school gets me every time.


Last but not least, some spinning. This really pretty. Lots of greeny-blues, beiges, whites, and a hint here and there of brown. Should be pretty knit up. Maybe some gloves for the upcoming season.

I have a few ideas in mind for what is next up, but Sunday I quickly grabbed some Noro and started another hat. I know boring, but good knitting for watching True Blood.


CraftyGryphon said…
"Good knitting for watching True Blood"... hee hee! I hear that!
Crafty and Crap said…
That yarn is awesome looking. Can't wait to see it knit up.

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