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Chrismas Table Runner

I wanted to make something nice for my mother in law. She is such a wonderful person, giving, and caring. I thought a table runner for the Christmas gathering would be right up her alley. I hope that she will actually use it verses the "it's too special." I prefer things to be used. I don't make things for display only. I'm way to practical for that.

I used a few different colors of crochet thread and a 12.5 dent. It's 16.5 inches by 56 inches with the fringe. I didn't care for the way the edges looked, so we added a nice trim to it. Of course the trim cost more than the rest of the project materials. Go figure we would pick the most expensive trim. All and all, it turned out pretty good.

Sorry for the bad photos, but this was during the opening of gifts with eleven children all on the floor tearing wrapping off their gifts.

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2010 001
Originally uploaded by knittingkim From our home to your's. Enjoy the holidays.

Spin In

The December spin in was hosted by the lovely Annieone. Thank you so much for being such a gracious host by opening your home to us dedicated fiberists. It was so much fun just hanging out and spinning with like minded people. There is nothing better that learning new things and exchanging ideas, and praises. Still spinning what was on the wheel today, so no pics, just some words. Keeping spinning!

A Warmer for Your Cup?

Yep, still in the holiday knitting chaos. This is the last of the knitted items for my pals at work. I found this wonderful, easy pattern on Ravelry last week. I started these on Saturday. The first one was way too big for the cup size that I had, so on to modifying. Also, an easy fix for the pattern. I modified the pattern's stitch count from 80 to 64, and it worked out wonderfully. I knit 3 more by the end of Sunday, finished another on Monday, today I finished the last one. Then, I had to sew on the buttons, add the i-cord band, and steam them into place. Check!

All in all, I made 10 gifts for work. I still have a scarf, a table runner, and 3-4 other gifts to finish before I can call it done. How many more days?!? Gotta get movin'!

Wheelinsticks gets to Stamping

Last Sunday, the lovely and talented Deborah put together a class for stamping. First, Deborah is absolutely wonderful and talented in her own right. Last Sunday, we hung out together with Kara, Rachel, and few others to learn and take gift tags with a knitting theme.It's been awhile since I did stamping of any kind. This was amazing fun. We made five tags, a note card, and a regular sized card. I loved how it turned out. I can't believe it took three hours because the time literally flew out the door! Thanks again Deborah for amazing day.

Dyeabolical scarf

Dyeabolical scarf 1
Originally uploaded by knittingkim I finished it. I love how the colors played off of each other. This scarf is so soft and warm. I have been wearing it nearly everyday! I still have enough yarn to make mittens over winter break.

Playing with Singles

I love spinning singles. There's nothing quicker than sitting down for a couple of hours with a bag of long wool, my wheel, and some coffee. Low twist singles are an art in itself. I start with the biggest whorl I have, 5:1 and the tension set higher so it pulls in quickly. The biggest trick is getting the twist right. Some wools are very willing to except a short draw while others require a different method.

Here, the greens and yellows is Mashum. I struggled at first with this ome because I separated the fibers too much. I ended up spinning from the fold and using a short backward draw.

This one is Rhomney. I love spinning Rhomney. Some fleece are softer than others. This one is a little rougher, but usable for gloves or hat. I spun this one with a short forward draw.

Both turned out lovely after a good smacking. That's the other bit of the trick. When singles come off the knotty, they look like a wad of tangles. They need a good soak in warm water and smack them against the e…