Chrismas Table Runner

I wanted to make something nice for my mother in law. She is such a wonderful person, giving, and caring. I thought a table runner for the Christmas gathering would be right up her alley. I hope that she will actually use it verses the "it's too special." I prefer things to be used. I don't make things for display only. I'm way to practical for that.

I used a few different colors of crochet thread and a 12.5 dent. It's 16.5 inches by 56 inches with the fringe. I didn't care for the way the edges looked, so we added a nice trim to it. Of course the trim cost more than the rest of the project materials. Go figure we would pick the most expensive trim. All and all, it turned out pretty good.

Christmas 2010 034

Christmas 2010 035

Sorry for the bad photos, but this was during the opening of gifts with eleven children all on the floor tearing wrapping off their gifts.


CraftyGryphon said…
Lovely! I hope she'll actually use it, too. It's too pretty to sit safe in a drawer!

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