Playing with Singles

I love spinning singles. There's nothing quicker than sitting down for a couple of hours with a bag of long wool, my wheel, and some coffee. Low twist singles are an art in itself. I start with the biggest whorl I have, 5:1 and the tension set higher so it pulls in quickly. The biggest trick is getting the twist right. Some wools are very willing to except a short draw while others require a different method.

Here, the greens and yellows is Mashum. I struggled at first with this ome because I separated the fibers too much. I ended up spinning from the fold and using a short backward draw.


This one is Rhomney. I love spinning Rhomney. Some fleece are softer than others. This one is a little rougher, but usable for gloves or hat. I spun this one with a short forward draw.

Tuxedo Rose

Both turned out lovely after a good smacking. That's the other bit of the trick. When singles come off the knotty, they look like a wad of tangles. They need a good soak in warm water and smack them against the edge of a table or some other hard surface to make them behave. Then, hang them to dry. Sometimes I weight them, if they are still full of kinks which means they are over spun. Tricky, but rewarding when done right.


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