Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt 2012

Yep, I'm way behind on this, but I only started a week or so ago and that's okay. I am quite the newby at quilting. I thought this was a wonderful way to learn new techniques, plus everything is in smaller chunks. Now, I was suppose to make 192 4-patch squares. Not a bad task, but I had it in my head to make 384. I simple math mistake on my part. I started to worry a bit when the grey was almost gone, but I already knew that we would not be using any more grey. I was at 374 when I decided I needed to take a look at the directions again. Oy, I made nearly double the amount needed. Lesson learned, reread before picking where last left off. Its okay, I have plenty for the start of another quilt and I got to pick the best squares for this one. No worries. Anyhoo, here is a pick of my colors for the quilt. Mystery Quilt 2012 colors This is Josey, she is quite the pal. Helper Blocks ready...... Mystery Quilt 2012 week 1 Starting on round 2.


Sandra B said…
Yep, just make two! Great looking 4-patches. Onward and upward! Merry Christmas.

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