I'm Back

Hey there, No I'm not on a different planet. Just busy. The hubster and I moved to the country this summer. It's quite the adjustment moving from citylife to the country. We are doing just fine. It's fun decorating for the holidays. I also was able to hand out halloween candy. So much fun watching the little ones. Decorating for Christmas was another event entirely, First, husband is a little fearful of hieghts. Therefore, daughter and I were the two on the roof while the son and husband played supervisor. It looked just life city workers 2 doing the work while the others watch. It was fun. We had wine on the roof. What could be more country than that. On to what's new. I have a couple of scarves that I have finished recently. The first is My Hope. I love the pattern and the yarn is a handspun from TdF. The beaded bindoff was a beast. Pretty in the end. My Hope The other is Hitchhiker. Easy breezy knit. Hitchhiker Oh I have fallen done another rabbit hole. No real surprise to those that know me. I made my first quilt. More on that tomorrow.


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