Celtic Solstice Week 4

I love 4-patches. There is nothing more wonderful then watching the corners match up when they are opened up. Last year, was my first Bonnie Hunter Mystery. The 4-patches were the death of me. I made double the amount I needed because I really had no idea what I was doing and over half of them were nearly unusable. I was not what one could call accurate back then, nor did I think it would matter. Oh how I learned the hard way. This year, they are fantastic! Corners and edges meet nice and crisp. 120 finished and waiting in the wings for the next step.

Check out my friend. Josie is always seated behind the table snoozing away.
 Leader and enders project sitting on the ironing board.
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Andee said…
Love your bright four patches!
Vireya said…
It is interesting that your quilting skills have grown so much this year that your 4-patches are now perfect! Accuracy helps a lot with complex designs like Bonnie's mysteries.

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