Friday, December 30, 2016

My New-to-Me Baby Singer 101

I picked up this gal in a fairly sketchy neighborhood about an hour from home. I got lost several times along the way, and my phone wouldn't charge fast enough to point me in the right direction. I have been through areas where stopping is a not before. But I was SCARED and wanted to get the hey out of dodge as fast as I could. I barely looked at the machine before paying the man and leaving.

Now the machine is mid 1930's and according to the seller it sat at Gram's house for a load of years. Based on the smell and the peeling paper, she sat somewhere unwanted for quite awhile.

After struggling to carry Miss Hefty into the house, I inspected her a little closer.

She is a 101 the precursor to the Cadillac "201". Now let me say I have never sewn on a 201, so I don't judge. Maybe this should have been considered a Caddy, too.

This one stitches the prettiest stitch. Don't mind the puckering, it hasn't been pressed yet. She is quiet, but she can run. WOW! fast! Shined her up with some oil. She has definately been used as all my machine show wear of the previous owners. That's fine by me, I rather have one with some baggage,

Now the wiring is ........ sketchy. 

 Seems to be the word for the day.

I need a name for her. Something classy and fun........hummmn?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

En Provence Catch Up

Whew!!!! I am caught up. Yeah. I was about halfway through the purple 4-patches at the beginning of the week. Sewed up the rest of those of Monday.

Tuesday was a day of cutting and cutting. Last night I did some sewing.

All of part 5 and half of part 4. Tonight everything is sewn and pressed. I have a lot to go back and trim, but hey there is another day for that.

So many pieces all tidy in clips. So wonderful just to get this far. I don't count how many altogether, I just don't care enough to know.

Tomorrow will bring part 6 wonder what Bonnie has in store? Something green and yellow perhaps?

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas from our Home to You

For us Christmas comes and goes in a fury. We celebrate on Christmas Eve that way the kids can visit the rest of the families on Christmas Day. Then, we spend the day enjoying a quiet restful day. We will eat Chinese food and possibly go to the movies. Our Christmas tradition. I hope everyone is enjoying their time with the family. I plan to do some slow stitching while I hang out with the hubs and fur babies.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching

Whew what a weekend! I got caught in the icy conditions on Friday night. I ended up giving up on the idea of making it home and booked a room for the night. Hugh!!

I got home Saturday and decided I needed some crafting therapy. I cut my strips for part 3 on En Provence. I sewed my strips together a light purple and a dark purple. How quickly they stitch up. Sunday I went to do my subcuts. Cut the first one at 2 inches. Humm... something doesn't seem right. Cut another! No! This can't be right. They are not square. I went to check the directions -  oh no !!! I cut my strips at 2 1/2 instead of 2 inches.

Great! Well, when life gives you lemons - you know the rest. I thought well I have 2 baby quilts to make. Maybe I should use those for that. But my dilemma was I was trying to stick to "stash" for the mystery. A 107 blocks later I'm feeling really remorseful. Should I trim and call it a day or just start over?
 I asked my quilting friends over on Facebook. Most said trim away; very few thought starting over was a better idea. Right now, they are languishing in the En Provence bin with the rest. I still have to buy a bit more neutrals and some more dark purple either way for part 4. I guess I will decide soon enough.

Lacey could care less! Whatever momma! I need a N-A-P!

For Slow Sunday Stitching, I worked on my Woman and the power of a sewing machine embroidery that  has been collecting dust for quite a while. Nothing like watching the Packers whip some butt and stitching a way. Progress is slow, but steady. Hoping to get it finished before the end of the year.

What's in your sewing box?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Changes.... change is something I dislike a lot. Change is something that can be good and needed for everyone to grow and continue to be apart of the world. Having roamed for a little more than 50 years I have seen a lot of change of over time. I have changed overtime. My hubster would say I have mellowed in time; I think not.

My craft process is always a welcoming change. I think I have at least tried most of the crafts out there by now. There are some that I can definitely leave off the list. Then, there are those that I LOVE. Sewing as a little girl made my mom;s heart sing. I remember sewing shorts and little simple tops on my mom's White and the beautiful stuffed doll my grandmother made for me - she was a Singer gal. In the past several years I have started collecting and find myself with both. My White treadle sit in the living room with a Singer 128 hand crank on top. I love these machines for the simplicity if them. I can take them outside and not worry about hooking up the electricity. It is one of my favorites in the summer.

The craft room is busting the seams with tons of tubs of knitting and fiber supplies, my fabric stash, and some jewelry supplies. Its my room... my inner peace. There are five sewing machines in there. Two that are in cabinets that I use a lot, but I take the others out to play too. A large brown recliner inhabits the corner of the room. When I am sewing, the chair is usually filled with dogs; my oldest, Oreo, and his much bigger, but younger sister, Lacey. I find it amazing that the two can share a chair. On the tables are the cats. Usually, Josey sits in the fluff of whatever I am sewing, the others, under the sewing machine. Oh so simple....

My husband baulks at the "mess" in the room and grumbles that I should have taken the bigger room. No, I say, I like the comfort of the coziness, Yes, its busy.  Yes, its messy but shouldn't it be?