Slow Sunday Stitching

Whew what a weekend! I got caught in the icy conditions on Friday night. I ended up giving up on the idea of making it home and booked a room for the night. Hugh!!

I got home Saturday and decided I needed some crafting therapy. I cut my strips for part 3 on En Provence. I sewed my strips together a light purple and a dark purple. How quickly they stitch up. Sunday I went to do my subcuts. Cut the first one at 2 inches. Humm... something doesn't seem right. Cut another! No! This can't be right. They are not square. I went to check the directions -  oh no !!! I cut my strips at 2 1/2 instead of 2 inches.

Great! Well, when life gives you lemons - you know the rest. I thought well I have 2 baby quilts to make. Maybe I should use those for that. But my dilemma was I was trying to stick to "stash" for the mystery. A 107 blocks later I'm feeling really remorseful. Should I trim and call it a day or just start over?
 I asked my quilting friends over on Facebook. Most said trim away; very few thought starting over was a better idea. Right now, they are languishing in the En Provence bin with the rest. I still have to buy a bit more neutrals and some more dark purple either way for part 4. I guess I will decide soon enough.

Lacey could care less! Whatever momma! I need a N-A-P!

For Slow Sunday Stitching, I worked on my Woman and the power of a sewing machine embroidery that  has been collecting dust for quite a while. Nothing like watching the Packers whip some butt and stitching a way. Progress is slow, but steady. Hoping to get it finished before the end of the year.

What's in your sewing box?


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