My New-to-Me Baby Singer 101

I picked up this gal in a fairly sketchy neighborhood about an hour from home. I got lost several times along the way, and my phone wouldn't charge fast enough to point me in the right direction. I have been through areas where stopping is a not before. But I was SCARED and wanted to get the hey out of dodge as fast as I could. I barely looked at the machine before paying the man and leaving.

Now the machine is mid 1930's and according to the seller it sat at Gram's house for a load of years. Based on the smell and the peeling paper, she sat somewhere unwanted for quite awhile.

After struggling to carry Miss Hefty into the house, I inspected her a little closer.

She is a 101 the precursor to the Cadillac "201". Now let me say I have never sewn on a 201, so I don't judge. Maybe this should have been considered a Caddy, too.

This one stitches the prettiest stitch. Don't mind the puckering, it hasn't been pressed yet. She is quiet, but she can run. WOW! fast! Shined her up with some oil. She has definately been used as all my machine show wear of the previous owners. That's fine by me, I rather have one with some baggage,

Now the wiring is ........ sketchy. 

 Seems to be the word for the day.

I need a name for her. Something classy and fun........hummmn?


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