En Provence Part 6 Link up

Well, after a defeat yesterday for my hourglass blocks being cut wrong; today they are complete! Bonus I have the 60 small on I cut yesterday to be put together for another project. I have some spools from a leader and ender challenge from awhile ago that I think these might play nicely together.

Here is today success. I am really excited about this these. They turned out very well. They need trimming as all of the other do too. That's okay there is another day for that business. I plan to get the last set down before the end of the week. Then my OMG challenge for January will be getting the blocks made and the quilt webbed. I think it is a manageable task. Plus I need another quilt for the bed!

Linking up to  One Monthly Goal http://www.elmstreetquilts.com/2017/01/one-monthly-goal-january-goal-setting.html


Patty D from NC said…
I've a similar goal for January! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.
Jennifer said…
I look forward to seeing all your blocks together. I didn't follow along this year, but did the mystery quilt, Grand Illusion way back and have it on my bed. Bonnie's patterns are always gorgeous.

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