Happy New Year Finish

Happy New Year!!

Surprisingly enough I was still up at midnight. This is probably a first in a long time. I have been reading a lot on simplifying life. I think this is something that I can get a handle on. I like projects and doing lots of different things. I still want to do that, but less. Instead of trying to finish everything all at one time, I plan to just take things slower maybe only a couple of things at a time. My main focus is just to enjoy and live in the moment more.

Now onto a finish!! I finally finished this little project. I started it in June of 2015. In the last week I have really put time into it. I can tell it could be better. My stitches could be more uniform, but once it has borders and is quilted, no one will know except me.

Goals for the month  -
1. finish the embroidery project and get it hung up.
2. get En Provence webbed
3. Start the Bag Ladies quilt-a-long

Bye for now!


Karen said…
I like your embroidered block. I have not seen that design before.
Quilter Kathy said…
I love this pattern!!! Excellent job on the stitching!

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