All Good Things Come Together..... or Eventually

So things have been busy lately. Some friends got married, and a another set of friends will be marrying on my birthday.I need to start their afghan. All newly weds need a cozy blanket to lay under, even when the temperature outside is in the 90's My son says he is trying to get up early, but some how that darn video game keeps him up until 4:30 in the AM. Imagine why one can't seem to get up?!? Well he is 19 and he knows it all, but he lives with his Mom and Hubby. I guess he figure it out or life will eventually bite him on the ass.

I feel like I have been knitting up a storm. I am still working on the surprise gift, so no pictures yet. I did finish the Lutea Lace-Shoulder Shell in Cascade Turquoise. Here's a picture of the shoulder area.
It fits and it looks great. The pattern was very quick to knit. The lace section at the top was not hard either. The directions were a little unclear. I figured it out by the time I reached the front. I was really impressed with how well the top came out. I am definitely making another one of these.

Speaking of coming together, I was at Knit Nite Wednesday at Knitorious. We had a great time. Lots of people. I am getting know most of the group and we just had such fun talking, sharing, and helping each other. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling!

Today I got a little extra knitting time because I spent almost three hours at Dobbs getting a new tire. I know that seems like a look time, believe me it was. Thank goodness I bought some knitting to do. I sat for so long I finished the heel flap on my Monkey socks and started a pair of Monkey socks for my daughter. I am kind of glad she picked Monkey socks because I have really liked working on the pattern. Eventually the car was finished I was able to come home.

The last eventually is we were finally able to get into a condo for a vacation. When - this Saturday. When did we find out? Today. When do I pack?Friday. Well, like I said eventually all things come together.


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