I Live in a Zoo

That dog -

Thinks this cat house is his play toy!

Now that may not seem impressive but I came in the room to find Charlie, our 45 pound beagle wearing it. I tried to get a picture, but he was not in the mood to pose. Of course dear old Charlie and brother Oreo
seem to think that sleeping with Mom and Dad is a must at night. Not only the two dogs, but the CAT also feels the need for the puppy pile. Oh well, life could be worst. The other dog has opted to sleep else where. Someone with brains.

What's off the needles!!!! I finished my socks. They fit! There smushy and cozy! I love the colors.

I also finished the green sweater. This turned out really nice. I like to color. Its a little big, but I can wear a top under it in the wintertime.

Right now I am working on a SURPRISE! and the Lutea Lace-Shoulder Shell in Cascade Turquoise.

And Can you say Monkey Socks?


Lucinda said…
Hurrah for Finished Objects! Great job!

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