A year to remember

HI everyone!
Some how every year, I want to sing the song "School out for summer!!" Of course as I waved goodbye to the kids on the bus, some how the idea of not getting up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 in the morning makes me smile. As a going away for a whole 9 weeks, the girls I work with went to the Cheesecake Factory. Yummmmm! Of course all this extra time will help me do something that I really enjoy - Knitting.

I have only been knitting a year and a half, and as I was working on this last pair of socks (picture later when I finish)I couldn't believe how much better my knitting is. I remember the last summer when I knitted a poncho. Gosh what a long process that was. Truly I laugh because I know now that it would not take me so long. The first Warm up America square that I made took 2 hours. Is anybody reminded of just how long things took at first? Its rather sad and funny now. Of course there always the sweater that took forever, only for it to end up felted due to a washer girl (daughter) swooping down and well.... I am sure that this is happened to others.

Well, I have finished somethings since last time. I fin shed the slippers and I have yarn to make slipper for lawn guy. Same as mine only with black.

I also chickened out on the cable pattern for the cascade yarn in the peacock blue. Instead I am swatching for Sally Melville's "Off to the Cottage pullover". It has a basket stitch and I think it will be beautiful.

Well I need to go ready for a bridal shower. This is the first bridal shower that my daughter and I will go to together. She is really growing up. Cool and not cool at the same time.


Lucinda said…
I can't believe you've only been knitting for a year & half! I'd never have guessed. I'm envious of your summer knitting time, you know. ;-)

I picked the needles back up about a year & half ago, but I had quite a bit of knitting experience from before I had quite so many kids.

I won't be at Knitorious tonight. Wednesdays are only sometimes good for me to get out in the evenings, & this isn't one of those weeks.
kim4life said…
Yes you would if you got close enough. How's Dale feeling? Miss ya!

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