Snow Days and Fiber Days

Thursday was a blast! I got more than half way to work and terrified of the ice, when the phone rang..... "This is an automated message. School will be closed...." Could they have decided earlier, you ask? No, of course not. Mother Nature loves a good show. Man, did she get one. I was glad to be off of Highway 44. Fortunately, I was off the road by 6:30 when my windshield was so iced over I couldn't see. I decided to take Big Bend the rest of the way and got to turn around and head back. Hit the grocery store on the way home and I have been at home ever since. I am starting to get a littel stir-crazy. Yes, I could get out now, but Lawn Guy has my car, since his is frozen under.

So, I have been making use of my time with my knitting and spinning. I have been working on the purple Kauni sweater. I thought it looked small, so I got out the handy measuring tape. Damn my luck. Its really small. The pattern calls for #3 and I was using #5. I missed hitting gauge by a lot. I should be getting 5 stitches to an inch and I am getting 8 to an inch. Needless to say, I'll be starting over. The rainbow Kauni will fit when its finished but, the gauge is a little off there, too.

I finished spinning the rest of Stormy Skies and I made a lovely pair of Fetchings. Aren't they pretty???

Now back to something.... hm.. knitting, spinning, or reading....

What did you do over the icey days?


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