Snow Day = Extra Fiber Time

One of the best things about working in the field of Education is the chance for snow days. Yesterday the kids were a buzz as were the teachers. The idea of break was a most wanted item. Our school has been hit pretty hard with the flu bug. I, myself have only just gotten over it myself. At least this time around, they announced the closing before the morning. I was snuggled into bed already cause 5:15 is an ungodly time to get up, but hey highway 40 closing has made the trip a little longer. So anyway, do I sleep in? No. 7:30. Well might as well knit! I love mornings and knitting time cause everyone is still in bed and house is quiet. I finished my Norwegian mittens. Yeah!

How is it things that are knit in pairs never turn out the same? Is there a knitting something that I am missing? Anyway, the second one is a little bigger and the thumb does not start in the same place, but they fit. For a first set of mittens, they'll be fine. They are very warm and that is what I was after anyway. Besides there is always another pair:)

I also been doing some spinning. I am trying to spin more often because its easy to lose the knack for what looks good. I can say I am definately getting better. The chocolately color is shetland wool spun with in 2-ply. I have lots of this left and I want to make a Shetland Triangle Shawl out of it. Just the idea of having something made with just the sheep's color is appealing to me. Not to say that I dislike color! Not at all!! The second one is from Duddlyspinner. SHe has some beautiful fibers and oh so soft! The colorway is Cumvulet I. I love the rustic shades in this. I'm thinking maybe a neckwarmer or a hat would be lovely. I have been working on plying with Navajo 3-ply. This was the second attempt. Much better than the first.

Well I am off to work on the Kauni cardis that I need to get going on. I have about 5 inches on the first sleeve of the 1st one. The second one is in purples and pinks, ooo, sooo pretty. Pics soon.

So did you go to work or snuggle under wool?


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