Ice Hell

Can I just say I like snow. I even like a wintery day. However, I hate, hate ice and crappy weather. Driving home was a mess. The roads were not great, but I literally drove 5 to 8 miles an hour from Chesterfield. It usually takes a 1/2 hour to get home. Not today. An hour and a half! People need to realize when road conditions warrant driving like an ass. Today was not the day. Obviously my mood has not changed much.

At least when I arrived home it was to fibery goodness. The reddish / purple is Extravagance and the grey is called Stormy Seas . Aren't they beautiful?!! They feel like cotton candy. I can't wait to spin these up.

Also a quick knit - Cashmere neckwarmer. It took all of 3 or 4 hours to knit and finish off. I am still not sure of the button placement.

I have moved it around several times and just finally decided to leave be. I best be off. I still have some work to do for tomarrow. Another meeting - Oye!


ROZ said…
Cashmere--so luxurious--and warm, too.

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