Things I like and Things that Bug Me

I'm not in a happy mood. Just moody. Not sure why. I went to get my haircut and my hairstylist said, "What hell is going on in your life? (Okay?) Your hair is dry as a bone and its getting really thin in the back. Have you had a lot of stress in your life? Whatever it is, get rid of it."

So, I get home and start thinking about things that bug me. The list is entirely too long! But stress comes with work, being married and having kids. It's life. Okay, what can I get rid of? hmm.... Any ideas?!? I love my job and yes it can be stressful. I have had too many meetings which leads to extra work in typing up reports. Lawn Guy is fine. He's been sick and hates his day job, but lawn season is coming. Dear Son, sigh. Probably the main problem of stress. He just doesn't get it. I pretty much told him he has to go and after I really look at how I have been feeling lately, he really needs to go. Problem is getting him out. He doesn't have anywhere to go. I told him he has to leave and pick a service, but in the back of my mind all I can see is the chance of a funeral because I pushed him out. I know that seems a little of over reacting, but it's how I feel. So, stress I have, I just have to plan a better way of attacking it and really just haven't come up with anything to releave it at the moment. Dear daughter, Lawn Guy and I will be visiting SEMO next Monday for open house. I hope she likes it. I can't believe she will be going off to college or staying here for college in the fall. Maybe that's another stressor.

Okay enough bitchin' about what bugs me, now for the things I like....

The dogs are great. They bring a lot of joy to me. There's nothing better than snuggling in with the doggies when its chilly out. Check out their pics with their new toys. They love toys!

I have been knitting and doing some spinning. Love both. Knitting right now is a little struggle because my 2 big projects are both 2-stranded knitting. I finished a sleeve today and started the 2nd! Whoa- doing the happy dance. I just hope that when I pick up for the front and finish it, it looks good.

Here's the 2nd Kauni. It has a different pattern. I have one repeat and tad of the second done so far.

On the wheel I have been spinning some bamboo. This stuff is so soft and boy is it pretty. I can't wait to finish spinning this up. I probably have completed about an once and a half. Plently more to play with.

That's all I have for today. Still a little moody, but at least there's yarn to play with!!!


kathy said…
I hear ya about the moodiness - I am so crabby lately! You definitely have enough stress - we need to have more girl time to combat it all. Your second Kauni is looking just as awesome as the first - love the color combo!
Crafty and Crap said…
I agree on girl time....get your butts to my house asap!! :) or lets at least plan something... and eat lots of carbs.

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