Checking In

Just checking in to say a few crabby things that are going on. Today was the 7th grade's year end trip. We went to River Chase in Fenton. I think the kids had a pretty good time. Me, it could have been a little better. First kids and cell phones, why is it kids just can't leave them at school in their lockers like they were suppose to. A 25 minutes ride and my co-teacher and I confiscated 4 phones. 2nd one of my favorite students gets his wallet taken with 50 bucks in it. Why bring so much money? We find his wallet up front and short $30. Just sad. Other teachers telling others what to do, this is by far my favorite complaint. I am not a student so don't treat as such. Dear daughter graduates fron high school tomorrow. This makes me proud and sad of course, she's the baby. However, its 7:20 and I still have no idea what time or how many people can be invited. Do you think a school can function to strive for higher and better education when that can't let parents know this information until the day before. Oh best part, she won't receive said tickets until tomorrow after practice. Pics of the grad tomorrow or Saturday. Bright side, sunny and warm for tomorrow!


CraftyGryphon said…
You survived a 7th grade field trip? Wow...

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