In Honor of Mothers

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. I wish my Mom was still alive, so I could honor in the way she would like. Mom was a wonderful woman and friend. For the most part Mom was truly the kind of mom everyone wants. We lived on the same street just down the block from each other for many years. My kids probably spent as much time at grandma and papa's house as they did their own. We celebrated daily by talking to each other either at our homes or on the phone. We had family dinners on Sundays and just hung out together.

Mom taught me to sew. She was so proud when I finally really got interested after I was married. We went to the store, picked out the pattern and material, and other what nots. She gave me her old White sewing machine. Unfortunately it was not working properly and ended up being unrepairable because of the age. My husband at the time quickly came to our rescue with the loving statement of buy a knew one. I can remember when I first wanted to learn to knit and mom went with me. That was not a successful trial for either of us. But at least we had each other because everyone else was not helpful.

Mom was always there for me. When I divorced and started back to school, Mom was there to babysit the kids nearly ever night. I miss her dearly and wanted to share her life with you.


Thank you for sharing about your mom, she sounds like she was a gem.

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