Backyard Update

So the backyard is coming along at a snail's pace. The back fence is complete and 2/3of the one side is done. Of course, we are still unsure of the shed since tracking down the size we need is becoming a a royal pain. However, just 2 gates and another 24 feet and the heavens will sing its praises. We still plan to redo the other side of the fencing, too.

On the upswing, the plants are doing very well considering we had to stand in the garden to hang that section of the fencing. They looked awful after being invaded, but perked up by the next morning. We now have 4 tomatoes and a couple of yellow squash growing. Nothing on the green peppers or the cauliflower. Oh, not sure about the eggplant - it may have bit the dust, and the spinach is gone. For some reason it did not care for the concrete that flowed into its path. Oh well there is always next year.

I finished the hat that I was making. Unfortunately its could fit a large man and not me, so I have enough of the yarn left over to try again. So when the second is finished I'll post pics of the two of them. I did finish the rest of the fiber to make Gust. I think the yarn maybe a little too thick since the pattern calls for lace and this is a fingering weight, so I'll have to see. If not I still have the other 4 oz left that I can spin up for something else. Gust uses less than 400 yards, so I have that now or it may become something else that maybe more appropriate. I should have about 700 yards if I spin the rest.



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