Shushhhh! We're Hunting Wabbits

Mr. Hunting Hat
Lady Hunting Hat

I finished the second hat that I am kindly referring to as Lady Hunting tonight. The first hat was way to big and I had plenty of the scrumptious yarn still leftover that I decided to make another. Where are they headed you ask? Well, Mr. Hunting has already been delivered and Lady will go after a nice bath in Soak. Love that stuff. The couple are our closest married friends. The hubby has been helping use with building our fence in the back. He was here the other morning helping Lawn Guy drill the holes in the concrete for the last 4 post for the fence and gate. Lawn guy was telling hubby friend about me buying part of a fleece and discussing the very large hat, when it dawn on the 2 of us to gift it to the friend. Since my friends are kinda of that couple that will have a few things that are the his/her factor, I decided that it would be fine to make it a matching set. Please excuse the coloring in Lady, she is the same color as Mr.


Annie said…
Those things are gorgeous is person, too! Sorry about yesterday. It did turn out to be a three ring circus. Monday might be a little calmer. Might I say. See you then.

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