Summer of Socks

Summer of socks started last Saturday. I only have two goals to really accomplish during the kal. The first one is to learn to make 2 socks at once on 2- circular needles and the other is to learn how to make toe up socks. Well the first is accomplished. Here's the first pair. They are a kind of a cheat since they are worsted weight. I made them smaller than my feet since they will go in the gift box for Christmas. I need to make a few more pairs to actually feel comfortable making them, but its a start. Next up, a real pair!


Annie said…
Lovely socks. I forget, two at a time? I wish I had the inclination to make socks this summer, as I owe a friend a pair, but I have none. All my inclination has been sucked into spinning again all due to some butt head who shall remain nameless... **grin**
Shannon said…
Listen Star, those ARE a pair of real socks! Congrats, they look great :)

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