Weaver's Acquisition Sale

So last week I went to the Weaver's Guild sale. This was the first time I went. All I can say is "cool." First it was nice to see what others' do with their supply of entertainment. I seen lots of jewelry, stuffed animals, dish clothes, and other pretty things. It was nice to see people selling their goods at a price that showed that they value handmade. The prices were not out of touch by any means, just a fair price for the work involved. People were friendly and there were people exhibiting their crafts too. Rachel was there, spinning away. She was spinning this absolutely gorgeous green silk and she had another purply color that I took home with me. I have starting spinning it and oh my goodness is it fun to spin! I also bought a good variety of colors! The wine color and the greenish yellow are both merino and silk. The black is a lovely alpaca, and the white is cormo and angora blend. Needless to say lots of fun in a bag!

I just finished spinning this roving from Spunky Eclectic. It's from the September club "Acadia." I love it! It turned out so pretty!

What are you guys up to?


Annie said…
LOVE the green. I'm jealous. I want someone to have some kind of sale when I have time to go!
CraftyGryphon said…
I'm finally back at work after a week off doing Family Stuff.

My tiny bits of roving from Alex, Nature's Yarns and my spindle are all in one place now.

Staring at me.


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