Week One for Buster

Hi all! What a week it has been. So far the dogs are really starting to get along. They are starting to sleep closer together. The first few days, Charlie would not have much to do with the puppy as long as it was near me. He doesn't share Mom very well at all! With anybody! Now that it has been a week things are looking up. They are all sleeping in a puppy pile in the middle of the bed at night. Poor lawn guy, he never gets me to myself! His fault since he wanted another doggy! As far as potty training, its going fairly well. Buster goes out easily enough and does his business there. Hopefully with a few upcoming days of someone being home all day things will continue in the right direction.

They love to chase each other all over the house. It does not matter whose stuff its suppose to belong to as the cat will testify to!


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