A New Toy

Shush!! This is supposed to be a Christmas present, but came a little early due to my old computer deciding that the letter I is not in the dictionary. Do you have any idea just how hard it is to type anything without using the letter I. Look at what I have typed so far, 17 I's. I'm come on! Needless to say I got a new computer. So far I am really enjoying it. It's amazing to me just how fast technology changes. This thing's hard drive is HUGE!!!!! Not to mention the battery life has also improved. Thanks goodness! It's hard to do anything on a laptop if you have to plug it in and recharge it every hour to two hours. I'm still playing with all of the new fangled things to more to come later!


CraftyGryphon said…
Yay for new toys! And actually having the letter "i"....
Shannon said…
Wooo! Great gift!

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